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AMIS Surgical technique

The AMIS technique is performed in supine position on a special operating table with the help of a leg holder.

This allows an X-ray control at all times during the operation, which is also carried out in a standardized manner in order to check the correct placement of the prosthesis components in the OR.

Course of the operation

There is an approx. 10 cm long skin incision at the side of the hip. The muscles are bluntly held to the side and are neither cut nor scored. Thanks to the special instruments and the operating table with leg holder, a good overview is achieved for every operating step.

After being on the hip capsule, the capsule is opened in a V-shape manner and the femoral head is prepared and removed in accordance with the preoperative planning. A so-called Charnley frame is then clamped into the capsule to keep the hip joint open. The hook position inside the hip capsule reduces the risk of nerve or muscle damage. The surgeon then has an excellent overview of the acetabular cup and can prepare the cup implant. After verification of implant size with a trial cup, the final cup is placed exactly under X-ray control.

The leg is then turned outwards and lowered using the special leg holder. The thigh bone is prepared and exposed with the help of the special AMIS table with a hypomochlion under the femur. This allows the implantion of the stem and the prosthetic head. The correct tension and correct leg length can be determined using trial components and heads of different sizes. After the final components have been implanted, the artificial hip joint is placed in the socket by lifting and turning the leg up again. The capsule is preserved and then closed again anatomivally. The wound is closed layer by layer and with an intracutaneous skin suture.