Pain cannot only spoil your vacation, it can also bring your everyday life to a standstill. There are many causes of acute pain. Wrong movement, cool drafts (air conditioning), infections or just a wrong mattress can cause pain. Where does the pain come from? Joints, Bone or muscles?

Sometimes you already know this pain and a treatment with over-the-counter pain-killers leads to improvement within a few days. If the pain is due to an accident or trauma, you should have it analysed by a doctor. Likewise, if you do not know this pain, it is particularly severe, or you are unsure whether it is a more serious problem, it is also advisable to consult a specialist.

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Indications of a more serious disorder or illness can include:

  • No improvement after self-treatment
  • Numbness, loss of strength
  • Disorders of defecation and urination
  • Signs of inflammation (redness, swelling, overheating)
  • Open wounds

In case of back pain, pay attention to “red flags”!

But even with a simple lumbago or muscle and joint pain, a visit to the doctor can be worthwhile. Using manual techniques (“straightening”), acupuncture or an extended medicinal pain therapy, the duration of treatment can be shortened and pain relief can be achieved more quickly.

Other important points