Back complains

Back pain has reached almost epidemic-like proportions in industrialized countries. Treatment of the painful conditions often takes a lot of time. However, not all back pain is the same. First of all, the causes of the pain have to be diagnosed. This is followed by the creation of an individual therapy plan. While pain-relieving measures are the focus of the first treatment phase, a back-friendly training program will be included in a second treatment phase. With the Palma-Clinic Vital we have a modern rehabilitation center for individual back-friendly training.  Strong core muscles with the appropriate strength and endurance help to avoid improper and excessive strain.

Causes of pain

  • Bandscheibenvorfall

  • Spinalkanalstenose (Claudicatio spinalis)

  • Myofasziale Schmerzsyndrome

  • Lumboischialgie

  • Facettensyndrom

  • Iliosakrale Schmerzsyndrome

  • Wirbelkörpergleiten


  • Klinische Untersuchung

  • Ggf. Radiologische Untersuchung (Röntgen)

  • Ggf. Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT)

  • Ggf. Computertomographie (CT)

  • Ggf. Szintigraphie

  • Ggf. neurophysiologische Untersuchung (EMG, NLG)
Orthopäde Mallorca

Therapeutic focus

  • Stoßwellentherapie

  • Chirotherapeutische Behandlung

  • Triggerpunkttherapie

  • Infiltrationstherapie (Periradikuläre Infiltrationstherapie, Facettengelenksinfiltrationen, Sakroiliakale Infiltrationen)

  • Ggf. stationäre Stufendiagnostik

  • Physiotherapie (Palma Clinic Vital)

  • Medizinische Trainingstherapie (MTT)