As a rule, bones have good healing properties and there are only very few situations in which bones do not heal together. After an accident there is pain and often also swelling in the injured area with a corresponding loss of function (pain under load, pain when touching the bone section). Whether there is a fracture can then only be clarified by a medical
examination and an X-ray examination.

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After a freshly suffered bone fracture, it is first important to decide whether the treatment can be carried out by simply immobilizing it (e.g. in a cast) or whether the fracture may also have to be re-established through an operation. With some bones, a displacement of the fracture can be tolerated without any loss of function. In the case of other bone
fractures, especially injuries with joint involvement, an anatomical realignment of the fracture is necessary in order to avoid consequential damage. This decision must be made shortly after the accident, as a fracture already begins to heal. If you wait too long for the correction or if it is not carried out optimally in the early phase, loss of function and future complaints cannot be ruled out.

After initiating correct therapy, bone is the only tissue in our body that can completely regenerate and heal without scarring.