The pre-operative planning of the prosthesis is based on x-ray images of the hip and a special computer programme. In this way, any individual peculiarities can be dealt with before the operation. It is important that you provide us information about pre-existing comorbidities and any previous operations, that we can get a comprehensive picture of your medical condition.

Vor der OP TOM

The following important points must be made before an operation:

  • Detailed clinical examination and consultation including current X-ray diagnostics

  • Current laboratory tests

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • Surgical consultation for the planned operation

  • Anaesthesiological consultation for the planned operation

  • From 5 days before the planned surgery date, body care of the intimate and groin area should only be done with a special antiseptic washing lotion.

  • Please do not shave in the genital area or the groin areas before the operation. Any hair that has to be removed is done by the OR staff immediately before the operation.

Admission to the hospital usually takes place on the day of surgery. At the patient’s request, the inpatient admission can also take place the day before.

Anyone who smokes and manages to stop a few weeks before the operation can improve the recovery significantly. Wounds have been shown to heal better after stopping smoking.