We recommend performing a rehabilitation measure after your inpatient stay. Rehabilitation usually lasts 3 weeks and can also be performed on an outpatient basis. The rehab can take place in Mallorca (Rehab in Mallorca), or in other European countries. After 7-14 days you will be mobile and able to fly independently.

The goals of rehabilitation are:

·       Improve mobility

·       Relief of any pain

·       Support and stabilization of the hip

·       Strengthening the muscles

·       Stabilization of mental well-being

·       Reintegration into everyday life, work and leisure activities


By the end of rehabilitation at the latest, you will be able to walk without crutches. However, many patients are able to walk shorter distances much earlier (after 1 week) without walking aids. For longer walking distances, especially with cement-free anchoring, walking with crutches should be kept up to 6 weeks after surgery, not to disturb osteo- integration of the new hip.

At home after rehab

After rehab, you should be mobile independently. Pain medication is usually no longer required. It is advisable to continue with outpatient physiotherapy in order to secure the results of the rehabilitation and to work through any deficits that may still exist.

When you can work again depends on your job. Office work can be resumed after 2-3 weeks. In individual cases, patients can start working again after just 1 week. Physically demanding activities should be resumed carefully after 6 weeks at the earliest. The resumption of work varies from patient to patient and is carried out in consultation with your surgeon.

A detailed examination with an X-ray is carried out 6 weeks after the operation.

Rehamassnahmen Traumatologie Orthopädie Mallorca


Driving is possible as soon as the crutches are no longer needed, i.e. after 3-4 weeks. After consultation with your surgeon, you can start working again 2-3 weeks after the operation, depending on the healing process. Sports can also be started after 3 to 6 weeks after consulting your surgeon. It is best to have a clarifying conversation between patient and doctor to answer these individual questions.

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