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Welcome to TOM

Traumatology & Orthopedics Mallorca

  • TOM is geared towards individuals – which means, you are the focus of everything we do and every decision we make
  • We are your partner for health by bringing you the best in orthopedic and traumatological medicine.
  • We offer fast, effective and cost-efficient immediate care for non-life-threatening diseases. Most patients are seen, treated, and discharged within 30 minutes.

You can reach our practice in the Palma Clinic quickly and easily because of the central location and good transport connections.
The parking spaces of the Clinica Quiron are available to our patients. Our Wegweiser guides you directly to us.

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We know the worth of your health

Many orthopedic diseases require co-supervision by colleagues from other specialist disciplines. That is why we work closely with specialists from the other departments at Palma Clinic to ensure that the problems of each of our patients can be precisely identified and resolved. After all, health is about the surplus in quality of life for each individual.

Our Team

It is the people who make TOM what it is, and we are very proud of our employees. We all work together to help our patients recover and ensure the best possible care.

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